London is always a good idea

969792_529826093739937_947906313_nLondon. If you have ever been there, you know what I’m talking about. London has my heart and it calls me back every day.

We spent several days exploring London and I don’t think I could ever get enough of that beautiful city.


Some must visit places for the history buff are the British Museum and the National Gallery. The National Gallery houses one of the greatest collection of paintings in the world. I can nerd out on some art, so this was a great experience. Vermeer, Titian, Cézanne, Monet, van Gogh. You name it, they have it.

National Gallery

The British Museum was even more impressive than the National Gallery. There is an insane amount of artifacts preserved here. Almost every ancient civilization is represented. It is pretty awe-inspiring to see ancient artifacts first hand. Did I mention that it’s free? Because it is!

We also took a tour of the Tower of London (this was not free). The old fortress part of the Tower is really cool. You can walk through all of the old cells where they kept various people throughout London’s history. Except for the house where they kept Anne Boleyn – that “house” us guarded still. Super weird. Then there are new buildings inside of the tower, including the building where they keep the crown jewels. It was pretty surreal to see such a mixture of old and new inside of the ancient fortress.


Guards keeping watch outside of apartments where Anne Boleyn was held)

From the Tower of London, you have a great view of Tower Bridge. I kept mistakenly calling it the London Bridge. Oops!


Harrods, Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace are also must-sees!

But my most favorite part of London was the Underground. I don’t know why, but riding the tube was so much fun for me. Navigating the lines and feeling the rush of wind as the train pulled into the station made me feel like I was part of the city.



I can’t wait to get my feet back on British soil! What was your favorite part of London?

One thought on “London is always a good idea

  1. I enjoyed reading your post.
    I have been to London a few times and am going back this year.
    My favorite part is “the Tower of London” but I also enjoy the parks quite a bit. I am very curious to compare my upcoming visit with past visits.
    Thanks for sharing.


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