Mason’s First Year

When I had my son two years ago, I knew I wanted to do monthly pictures of his first year. It seems like everyone does these now, so I wanted to do something a little different but also captured his personality and ours.

I merged several ideas I had seen online and came up with these little gems!

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To start, I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought several yards of different color felt I would need for the whole year. I got colors like light blue, green, black, white and brown that I knew I would be able to use every month. The other props came from just random things I had laying around my house. For this month, I used the blue for the background sky and the green for the grass. I used some big pieces of brown kraft paper that came in a box as packing material from Amazon. The leaves on the tree are just some green t-shirts I grabbed from my husband’s closet! The clouds are long pieces of cotton.

Mason was born a month early, after I had already spent a month in the hospital leading up to his birth. Even though he had all of these things working against him, he has been a beautiful, happy, healthy baby and he is my little super hero – thus the inspiration for month 1!



Month 2 had a hot air balloon theme! We used a basket we had lying around for the bucket  and some old red and blue construction paper for the balloon. I reused the blue for the background and the cotton clouds from month 1.

Pro Tip: Lay out the whole scene before you put down your crying infant!



Month 3 started getting into the holiday season, which made themes a lot easier to come up with! For October we did a Fall/Scarecrow theme. I used the blue background and green grass. I used construction paper to draw pumpkins and then cut them out. I also used construction paper to make the stand the scarecrow is on. The crows are some left over Halloween decorations from a Martha Stewart kit I had a few years ago. The “straw” is actually just some raffia I usually use to add decorations to wrapped gift boxes.



Month 4 was November so obviously we had to go with a little turkey theme ♥ Again, I used the blue background. I used some more kraft packing paper to make the tree. I found a bag of fake leaves at the dollar store and used some of the more colorful leaves from my yard. The turkey feathers are just construction paper – so are the turkey legs!



Month 5 was just in time for Christmas! I used the blue background for the sky and the brown for a house roof. I used construction paper to make a chimney and my trust cotton rolls for chimney smoke. More construction paper for the snow flakes and Christmas trees. I actually did order the Santa costume on Amazon, because I do not have any sewing talent at all. This would probably be an easy project for somebody with more talent than me!


Daddy gets the best smiles 🙂

January was a little more difficult. There really wasn’t a holiday theme that I could think of to tackle. Instead, I thought a space theme would be cute. I used the black background for deep space and construction paper to make the stars and planets. The astronaut costume was another outfit I ordered off Amazon.



February had to be a Valentine’s day theme! I used paper plates to make the wings and sticks and construction paper for cupid’s arrows. The blue background was probably my most versatile color – I used it All.The.Time.



March’s theme for 8 months was blessed with a little luck of the Irish. I used the blue and green felt for the sky and grass. I cut out the pot of gold from some construction paper. I actually got super stumped on how to make this rainbow work, and in the end just cut up a bunch of little pieces of paper so I could move them in an arch. It was pretty tedious and a serious distraction for tiny fingers. The gold is some gold chocolate coins that may or may not have been eating immediately after. He is wearing some PJs from Target!


Month 9 we wanted to do a little pirate theme. I used some kraft packing paper for the sand/beach and a dark blue towel as the waves so that it was set off enough from the blue sky. I cut out the trees, boat and chest from construction paper. The pirate hat we already had!


May in Florida is HOT. So for Month 10 we decided to head straight to the beach. This was one of the easiest shoots but I think turned out as one of the best. I used the blue background for the water and a baby inner tube. That’s it. (I did put a blanket under his head to prop it up). Pro Tip: We did this one immediately after waking him up for a nap. It was the easiest way for him to be a little more still and for him to be really happy!



In month 11 we went fishin’! I used the blue background for the sky and blue towel for the water. Two pieces of kraft packing paper for the pier and some construction paper fishies. Stick and string fishing pole and we were ready to go!



Month 12 took a little more planning. We wanted to do a Crossfit theme for this and I wanted to make him a bar and some weights. I used a dowel rod that I painted grey and some round pieces of Styrofoam that I painted black. I made the kettle bell from construction paper.

I LOVED doing these photo shoots every month! I hated that I had to stop when he turned a year, but I thought it would a little silly to keep doing them until he is 20. I am so glad that I have something so fun to remember his first year and to see how much he changed every month!

Let me know what you guys think!


**Huge shout out to my hubby and my friend Sarah – never could have done these without you guys! And thanks to Mason for being such a good sport 😉 **



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